MAFS Statute


Article 1- Name, address and seal

This organization will be known as “the Mediterranean Academy of Forensic Sciences”, abbreviated as follows “MAFS”. Its permanent address will be in Reggio Calabria. An official seal shall be adopted by the MAFS.


Article 2 - Purposes

The “Mediterranean Academy of Forensic Sciences”, "MAFS", is an association which aims to bring together people working in the field of forensic sciences.

The principal purposes of the MAFS are :

   -   to develop forensic sciences ;

-      to exchange scientific knowledge and technical experience in this field ; 

-      to organize scientific meetings, workshops and training courses

   -   to create conviviality and friendship between persons interested by forensic sciences.


Article 3 - Eligibility

All persons with medical specialties or holding technologies and engineering competencies involved in the fields of forensic sciences as well as lawyers and other personalities having the willingness to contribute to improve forensic sciences and to promote this Association can be entitled for membership.  



Article 4 - Languages

The official language of the MAFS scientific meetings and publications is English. Nevertheless, French language could be accepted for some scientific sessions or publications if requested and after the Boarding Committee approval.


Article 5 : Meetings
The MAFS will hold yearly and alternatively a Congress and a Workshop.


Chapter I - Officers

Article 6 – Management

The MAFS is managed by a Directory Board and a Boarding Committee.


Article 7 -  Directory Board

The Directory Board is constituted by the founder members:

The Directory Board will be chaired alternatively by one founder member elected by the Directory Board for two years.

The Directory Board will examine all the projects submitted to the MAFS. Its members respectively keep the right of the veto against any action which could seem to be against moral or materiel interests of the MAFS.

The Directory Board will choose a MAFS member who will hold the Secretary of the Directory Board.  

The Directory Board members shall hold office for life. In case of retirement from office, each founder member may choose his successor who will become automatically a new member of the Boarding Committee with the same attributions of the retired member.


Article 8 – Boarding Committee

The Boarding Committee is initially constituted by the above mentioned founder members.

The MAFS scientific affairs shall be managed by the Boarding Committee where each Mediterranean Country should have only one representative acting as a full member. The Secretariat of the Boarding Committee is held by the Secretary of the Directory Board. 

A reunion of the Boarding Committee is held yearly, during the MAFS scientific meetings. 


Article 9- Election of the President

The MAFS will be chaired by a President, biennially elected by a secret poll by the Boarding Committee where, once elected, he becomes a full member. To apply for MAFS Presidency, the candidate must be a MAFS regular member since at least two years and must come from a Mediterranean Country.

The Boarding Committee  could give exceptional authorization for a MAFS Presidency mandate without conditions when there are special benefits for the Academy. The Directory Board members keep the right of veto against this procedure.

The Presidency mandate duration remains two years. The President shall hold office till his successor will be elected.

After his office, the President will remain as a member of the Boarding Committee, with a title of Past-President. He could not be a candidate for an other Presidency mandate till other MAFS members coming from Mediterranean Countries applying for MAFS Presidency have not covered this office.


Article 10- Attributions of the President -I-

The President in office shall decide, in accordance with the Boarding Committee, about policies regarding scientific activities, publications, finances, sponsorship, collaboration with public or private institutions, entertainment and all other matters which may concern the MAFS. The location of the MAFS presidency is considered to be at the officiating President’s professional address.

The elected President will be in charge during his office of the organization of the forthcoming MAFS Congress.


Article 11- Attributions of the President -II-

The President represents the MAFS. He speaks and acts on its behalf, under the supervision of the Directory members.

The President must continuously report to the Boarding Committee members about the MAFS forthcoming scientific activities and projects as well as all other matters regarding the Academy.


Article 12– MAFS Secretary

The Secretary of the Boarding Committee and of the Directory Board has no decisional power.

His voice is only consultative. He must keep all the MAFS files, its reunions reports as well as  the list of its members updated. He must send all the MAFS related information to the members of the Boarding Committee.


Article 13- MAFS Treasurer

A treasurer will be appointed nearby the Directory Board to care for the finances of the MAFS under the supervision of the Directory members. He will be in charge of the reception of the  membership fees as well as of the money given to the MAFS by private or public institutions.

A part of this money could be given for the organization of the forthcoming meeting after the Directory Board approval.

The treasurer has no decisional voice in the Directory Board. He is also only a consultative invited person in the Boarding Committee.   


Chapter II - Meetings

Article 14 – Congress organization

The forthcoming MAFS Congress venue is chosen by the MAFS new elected President in accordance with the Boarding Committee. The President chairs the Meeting which is organized under his responsibility.


Article 15 - Workshop organization

Each Mediterranean MAFS member can submit a proposal to the Boarding Committee for the organization of an intermediate Workshop. If accepted, he will become subsequently a full member of the Boarding Committee unless his country is already represented by an other member.

The intermediate workshop could be exceptionally organized by someone coming from a non-Mediterranean Country who will become an associate member of the Boarding Committee, without any decisional voice.


Article 16- Meetings organizing Committees

An Organizing Committee is set up for each scientific Meeting to be held. The Organizing Committee Chairman appoints a secretary general and a treasurer who must be members of the MAFS. He must submit the proposed persons to the Boarding Committee approval.

The secretary general shall notify each member of the MAFS of the time and place of the Meeting  to be held. The Congress treasurer shall care, under the supervision of the Meeting Chairman, for the finances of the Meeting collected from the registration fees, the sponsorship and all other public or private contributions.


Chapter III - Membership


Article 17- Application for Membership  

Any graduate or undergraduate student, technician, lawyer dealing with forensic sciences can apply for membership. Applications for membership must be made to the Boarding Committee of the MAFS together with references from two full members. Admission to the Academy is subject to the decision of the Boarding Committee. The membership card is finally signed by the Chairman of the Directory Board in office.


Article 18- Membership fees

Once accepted, the applicant for membership becomes a regular member and must pay a yearly membership subscription which becomes due at the beginning of the calendar new year.  The amount of  membership fees is fixed by the Boarding Committee. Changes in these fees become valid at the beginning of the following calendar year.


Article 19- Members registration fees

The payment of the membership fees shall entitle the MAFS member to a 20% discount on the  MAFS meeting to be organized the following year. 


Article 20- Official organs

A periodical publication will be issued as an official organ of the MAFS and distributed to the members of the Academy. An on-line information will be also provided.


Article 21- Honorary members

Personalities of great importance to forensic sciences or to the MAFS can be nominated as honorary members by the Boarding Committee after approval by the Directory Board.

Honorary members are not asked to pay their membership fees. They are only consultative. They can be invited to the Boarding Committee reunions without any decisional power.

Chapter IV – Ethics, misconduct and sanctions
Article 22- Ethics Committee

 The Boarding Committee stands as an Ethics Committee when necessary. The session is chaired by the President of the MAFS. Other personalities can be invited circumstantially to have a seat as consultative advisers in this Committee.


Article 23- Misconduct and sanctions

 A member whose behavior is considered to be harmful for forensic sciences or MAFS morality can be sanctioned by the Ethics Committee.  The sanction can be a censure, a suspension or an expulsion. When a member is censured, he shall not be eligible for any office in the MAFS for at least four years. If he is under suspension, he shall not be allowed to participate to all  MAFS activities till such disability is relieved. The expulsion makes the person unable to pretend to any membership in the MAFS.

The accused must have the opportunity to be heard by the Ethics Committee before any action is taken against him.   


Chapter V – General assembly


Article 24- General assembly -I-

A general assembly will be held in the end of each President mandate during the biennial Congress. There will be no personal invitation to the general assembly. No quorum is requested for the ordinary general assembly.


Article 25- General assembly -II-

Moral and financial reports will be exposed to the attendance. The name of the new-elected President and the location of the forthcoming Meeting will be announced.


Chapter VI – Constitution’s amendments and acceptance


Article 26- Amendments of the Constitution

 By authority received from the Directory Board, the President and the Boarding Committee may amend and change the Constitution by affirmative majority vote in an extraordinary session of the general assembly, with a quorum fixed to the two thirds of the MAFS members. If the quorum is not reached, the amendment is submitted to the Boarding Committee for vote.


Article 27- Acceptance of the Constitution

Each person who intends to apply to membership in the MAFS must declare that he accepts at the moment of his subscription this constitution.